Useful tips about Magic Bag

  • Get at least two Magic Bags, keeping one in the freezer and the other ready to heat.
  • For greater relaxation, get a massage after using your Magic Bag.
  • Magic Bag slippers and mittens are a perfect way to warm up after a day of skating, skiing or other winter sports.
  • You don't have to be in pain to use the Magic Bag; regular use promotes health and well-being.
  • The Magic Bag's soothing heat is perfect for quickly alleviating muscle aches after an intense workout.
  • No more insomnia! Magic Bags are great for helping you fall asleep at night.

Other interesting facts

  • The authentic Magic Bag is 100% natural and is registered with Health Canada as a medical device.
  • Magic Bag is Canada's best selling hot/cold pack.
  • Back pain (lumbago, sciatica, hernias, etc.) is one of the most common chronic health problems in Canada, and Magic Bag products can help.
  • All Magic Bag products are manufactured and/or filled with local grains in Canada.
  • A percentage of the profits for every Warmy product sold will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps sick children.
  • Your Magic Bag might come in handy during childbirth.
  • Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with the Lavender Magic Bag.
  • Timely application of a Magic Bag on painful areas accelerates healing, decreases pain, and stimulates cellular activity and blood circulation.
  • For each Pink Ribbon Edition Magic Bag sold, 3% of profits will be used to support breast cancer research.
  • Magic Bags contain oat grains, which are ideal for relieving back pain and inflammation.
  • Even your pet might find comfort with a Magic Bag hot pack!
  • Alternate hot and cold compresses to promote recovery after physical exertion.
  • In case of injury, it is important to apply the compress quickly for more effective recovery and tissue repair.
  • Heat therapy has been used for centuries. Just think of the soothing and relaxing effects of a hot bath.
  • The Magic Bag works wonders for relaxation and healing.
  • Use your Magic Bag to relieve many ailments, such as colds, sprains, overwork, gout, and erythema nodosum.
  • Unlike traditional compresses, Magic Bag compresses maintain the ideal temperature.
  • Cold therapy is an effective remedy for rheumatic pain.
  • Magic Bags distribute heat evenly, thus promoting a speedy recovery.
  • After about one hundred uses, your Magic Bags will lose its effectiveness, so you should replace it to keep enjoying the benefits.

Which Magic Bag suits you?

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