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Muscular Pain (after a sports activity)

Use your Magic Bag for neck or back pain, or for any kind of muscular discomfort.The Magic Bag certainly lives up to its name! It molds itself perfectly to the curves of your neck and back to provide targeted relief. The Magic Bag relaxes your muscles and alleviates pain.


Do you suffer from cramps? A heated Magic Bag applied to the affected area increases blood circulation and thus reduces cramping.

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Did you know?

  • Use your Magic Bag to relieve many ailments, such as colds, sprains, overwork, gout, and erythema nodosum.
  • After about one hundred uses, your Magic Bags will lose its effectiveness, so you should replace it to keep enjoying the benefits.
  • Alternate hot and cold compresses to promote recovery after physical exertion.
  • Unlike traditional compresses, Magic Bag compresses maintain the ideal temperature.
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