The benefits

Magic Bags are easy to use and provide many benefits. They are effective for both hot and cold uses, making them a perfect replacement for hot water bottles and ice packs. They're known for their stress relief qualities!

Magic Bags mold to your body to provide relief exactly where you need it. Magic Bags help soothe injuries, inflammation and fever. Warm your Magic Bag in the microwave for only a few seconds to enjoy up to 30 minutes of penetrating, relaxing heat combined with the massaging effect of the oat grains.


The Magic Bag's soothing heat is perfect for quickly alleviating muscle aches after an intense workout.

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What a joy it is to relax with your Magic Bag in the comfort of your own home! Your Magic Bag's comforting heat promotes relaxation.

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Warmy gives your little ones a hug! Warmy has all the benefits of Magic Bags and is specially designed to safely soothe minor children injuries.

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A few tips

  • For greater relaxation, get a massage after using your Magic Bag.
  • Magic Bag slippers and mittens are a perfect way to warm up after a day of skating, skiing or other winter sports.
  • You don't have to be in pain to use the Magic Bag; regular use promotes health and well-being.
  • WARNING: Persons with diabetes may experience altered sensitivity to hot and cold. It is therefore recommended to apply Magic Bag with caution. Prolonged application could result in inadvertent burns or frostbite.
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