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Sport Gel medium wrap with gel pack

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Sport Gel medium wrap with gel pack

Each sport wrap is designed for maximum contact to help calm inflammation, reduce swelling and speed up recovery.
  • Insulated wrap with non-toxic gel pack
  • Intense cold, fast recovery, reusable
  • Efficient hot and cold hot cold
  • 29.5 X 15 cm (11 1/2 in x 5 7/8 in)


Fits the most common smaller injuries, such as the ankle, elbow and wrist.

Self-adjustable to ensure easy and effective application of the wrap to the injured area.

Flexible straps hold the wrap comfortably in place.

  • Nylon liner protects skin from direct contact with the gel pack and also promotes moist therapy for faster penetration and relief.
  • Innovative gel formula helps avoid messy condensation associated with ice compresses.
  • Includes convenient, removable gel pack for a custom treatment (cold or hot therapy).
  • Flexible gel ensures maximum contact for optimal results.
  • Registered with Health Canada as a medical device.

WARNING: Persons suffering from diabetes or any other health problem should consult a doctor before using Magic Bag Sport wraps. Note that the gel pack is not suitable for children under the age of 3.

User guide

A few tips

  • WARNING: Persons with diabetes may experience altered sensitivity to hot and cold. It is therefore recommended to apply Magic Bag with caution. Prolonged application could result in inadvertent burns or frostbite.
  • Get at least two Magic Bags, keeping one in the freezer and the other ready to heat.
  • No more insomnia! Magic Bags are great for helping you fall asleep at night.
  • You don't have to be in pain to use the Magic Bag; regular use promotes health and well-being.
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