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Masdel Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in designing and manufacturing Magic Bag natural products. Magic Bag is Canada's top selling compress, and Masdel Inc. is the leading player, holding more than 35% of the market share. All the Magic Bag products are extremely popular, which is not surprising given their effectiveness. These products promote well-being and continued good health, offering comfort, relaxation and pain relief.

Since 1992, Masdel Inc. has been developing products to address growing wellness needs of the population and offering simple, practical and effective means to achieve well-being and relaxation.

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What is a Magic Bag?

Magic Bags are thermotherapeutic compresses that help with healing and maintaining good health and well-being. 100% natural, it is approved by Health Canada as a medical device. They contain high quality oat grains that have been given a special treatment.

Important: Magic Bags can help relieve pain, but you must consult your doctor if you have a medical problem.

Which Magic Bag suits you?

After Sport
After sport

A few tips

  • No more insomnia! Magic Bags are great for helping you fall asleep at night.
  • For greater relaxation, get a massage after using your Magic Bag.
  • Magic Bag slippers and mittens are a perfect way to warm up after a day of skating, skiing or other winter sports.
  • Get at least two Magic Bags, keeping one in the freezer and the other ready to heat.
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